importer and distributor

Importer & Wholesale Distribution

Unlike most distributors, we are also Federally licensed Importers. We import from Spain, Sicily, 
Northern Italy, Turkey, Peru and Hungary. This enables us to offer better value.

About Stefano

We work to offer an eclectic and diverse product line from all over the world. If its hard to find , there is a good chance that we have it. Stefano Selections has more than 22 years of experience in the acquisition and sale of rare and hard to find liquors , wines and beers.

Some of the countries we specialize in are: Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Brazil , El Salvador, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic Turkey ,India, Serbia , Bosnia, Macedonia, Lebanon ,Morocco, Palestine and many others Our purpose as a company is to provide the best service, and an extensive portfolio so that your business offers a quality, diverse selection to its customers…

What your business needs

We are here to help you and offer flexible purchase plans to help maximize profits.The service provided by Stefano Selections is not just wholesale liquor sale. We also take care of providing the necessary advice for your specific needs, taking into account the type of business, market niche, location and other factors.

We have specialists in catering, liquors and cocktails to guide you in the process of choosing the liquors for your business or restaurant. We accompany you during the process to make sure the outcome will be a success for everyone.

The best liquors

The passion for the fascinating world of liquor.

We promote your business

We support you in the growth of your business so we offer you a wide portfolio and images that you can use as a reference on your website or social networks.

Experience and authenticity

Experience And Authenticity

We have been synonymous with quality for over 22 years. Our sales team is here to help you in every way possible. They are super dedicated to our clients and go the extra mile to arrange tastings, take care of damaged product and processing orders asap.

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