5 tips to design the best drink menu for a restaurant

The drinks menu is undoubtedly the least cared for by hoteliers and is usually also a static list, without changes in a short period of time, with wrong prices or stickers that reflect the new sale price.

Although it is clear that the client is looking for the complete experience, this means that he is going to eat well, but he is also looking for an excellent service and some surprise that we can offer him every time he attends our place. Basic premises for the future of a bar or restaurant.

For this reason, it is curious that the hospitality sector does not pay special attention to the drinks menu, knowing that the margin is wide, even doubling or tripling its cost with respect to the retail price.

In addition to this wide profit margin, it has another very relevant incentive, it has no waste, it can be purchased in units and its service is usually fast.

Tips for designing the drink menu for this summer


You’ve probably heard of them. Smoothies are a drink based on natural yogurt, and can be with or without sugar and with fresh fruits. On some occasions, milk is added to make the preparation somewhat more liquid.

These can be finished with different toppings, such as sauces, chocolate chips, candies or cereals.

If you opt for this drink, implement seasonal fruits that will be cheaper and full of flavor. If consumption is high throughout the year, consider freezing different fruits at their best time and price.

Also, buy a creamy yogurt for the perfect result. And, take great care of your presentation.


More and more, cocktails are taking over the bars of both restaurants and hotels. Here the bar staff will play a fundamental role since you will have to train them to be able to implement a quality service. If you opt for this, start with a basic menu of classic cocktails (Margarita, Dry Martini, Mojito, Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned…). Later, you could include signature cocktails.

As for utensils, you should buy the basics: blender, cocktail shaker, imperial spoon, worm, ice tongs, ice chest, glasses of all kinds (Martini, flute glasses, low glasses …), peeler for decorations, etc.

Although it seems like an important investment, it is not, since you can get a quick return if you promote them. Over time, it may be your hallmark. Because you don’t remember a hotel or a restaurant many times because of a specific experience?


Although it sounds strange, they are the so-called alcohol-free cocktails, and they are in fashion. Prepare an attractive cocktail menu based on fruit juices, syrups or infusions to propose a different offer beyond the classic San Francisco.

And if you still do not consider this family of drinks, start to take it into account. The cost of these drinks is low and their benefit can be even greater than any alcoholic cocktail.


Combined with milk with fruits, chocolate or aromatics. In short, the popular shakes that we consume since we were little.

Give it a twist and add tropical fruits or even ice cream to add creaminess. And play with syrups, there is a wide variety on the market that will give each one a different flavor.

Natural juices

Without a doubt, they are the most popular and demanded in the summer months. There are an infinite number of proposals, from fruit juices with added sugar to detox juices based on vegetables and vegetables. Among his recipes, there is no shortage of strawberries, pineapple, melon, orange, lemon, etc.

For the preparation of detox juices you can use spinach, kale, cucumber, goji berries, flax, chia seeds, even herbal teas or aromatic teas.

These proposals will help you to design a very varied menu, but remember that in order to set the sale price, you will have to make a perfect recipe together with its scandal, its technical sheet and an order sheet so that the product always maintains homogeneity.