How to attract customers with a good offer of alcoholic beverages

To attract customers in the restaurant, it is essential to be up to date with the trends that are imposed in consumer habits. One of them is to give prominence in the gastronomic offer, to various types of alcoholic beverages that are increasingly in demand by diners, who seek increasingly complete experiences.

The idea is to offer special drinks as a star product in daytime services and that they are not only used as a hook in the night service, in bars, pubs and discos. In addition, it is a trend in which several types of customers participate, who consume them before, during and after meals, which means that restaurants that have an attractive offer in this sense, have more opportunities to win them over. .

As usual, we give you some information so that more and more customers say cheers! in your local:

Cocktails: the kings of the table

They are the quintessential drink of the night and entertainment, but they are gaining ground as a companion to full culinary evenings and as the protagonists of special afterwork and brunch-style events.

And it is that although it seems surprising, cocktails go very well with different dishes, being so versatile and creative. Thus, the spices and herbs of some recipes, combine very well with the fruits of some cocktails and the refreshing touches of some cocktails, pair perfectly with dishes with stronger flavors. A baked lamb accompanied by a mojito? Great success!

Another characteristic that makes them shine is their presentation, almost always, colorful and with a mixture of textures, a delight not only for the palate but also for the eyes of the diner. Ideal to satisfy your 5 senses and retain them.

As a trend, the following stand out:

  • The gin-based cocktails, which are still the most requested, and the mojito as a tropical option.
  • Cocktails based on very traditional liquors such as vermouth in Spain, champagne in France and Aperol that stands out in the Italian aperitif, for example.
  • Combinations with fruits, such as smoothies and with aromatic herbs, also derived from the natural tendency.
  • Served in glass jars, giving a more everyday and folksy touch to these drinks with a more sophisticated reputation.
  • The mocktails. The option of non-alcoholic cocktails, ideal to satisfy all customers. Having this option will be highly valued.
  • The cocktails that pair with desserts. Two products that share sweetness, freshness and striking presentation.
    Fact: High-strength cocktails go better with heavy dishes rather than light dishes, as they could lose their flavor even more.

Millennials like wine too

Yes, the customers of the so-called generation Y are beginning to prefer wine. A liquor that until now had been associated with an older client (50 years or more) and more formal experiences, today it is a highly appreciated option by much younger clients, whose tastes are not only part of the present but of the future of the sector, for so it is highly advisable to adapt to them to sustain long-term profitability.

How to please millennials with your wine offer?

The key is to have a wine list, not necessarily very extensive, but with these characteristics:

  • Great variety. It is important to have reds, rosés, whites, of different denominations, intensity and flavor, since millennials highly value variety when consuming. In this sense, it is essential that the waiter knows how to explain the wine information in a pleasant way, so that these customers can choose the one that best suits their tastes. (It is also highly recommended to record these preferences in a database to give them a personalized treatment on your next visit).
  • High quality. The fact that these customers are young does not mean that they are not demanding with the quality of the products they consume, on the contrary, because having so much information, they can become true gastronomic sybarites, so it is very important that the selection of the letter is really good. That when you google for information about your selection, you get good impressions.
  • Sustainability Millennials also follow the healthy trend very closely, so if you find organic wines, sustainably packaged, on your menu, it will be a boon for your business.
  • Creativity. Wines with original names and attractive packaging are sure to catch the attention of your millennial customers. You can also take advantage of the glasses, the less conventional they are, the better.
  • Remember that these clients will share their experience on social networks quite safely, as it is an action that is part of their daily lives. Whether they liked your wine offer or not, they will write a digital opinion that will have an impact on other customers. That is why it is important to offer just what your millennial customers need.
    Fact: A good strategy for this type of customer to ask for a bottle is to give him the opportunity to take it home if he does not finish it at the restaurant.

Pairings with beer to attract customers

Could a nice bowl of gratin vegetables go with a beer? Yes, in fact these are foods that, due to their acidity, do not work very well with wine, but they are more suited to a more refreshing drink such as beer. The same goes for vinegary, sour, spicy, smoked flavored dishes, which are best enjoyed with sips of a bubbly beer.

That is why this drink, pigeonholed into the bar, is positioned as a gastronomic companion as valid as wine, not only for appetizers such as potato chips, but also for starters, firsts and even desserts. A product, which being relatively lower in cost, also has a high performance. A great opportunity to attract more customers!

Ideally, you can include dishes that pair well with beer in your offer, have a good selection of this drink and indicate it on your menu, so that your customers know which to order with these dishes. They also work very well, the tasting menus with beer pairing, an attractive combination and easier to sell.

One option that is growing in popularity is craft beer, especially among customers between the ages of 35 and 45, who are also followers of the healthy and organic trend. You can look for local producers that make high-quality craft beers and include them in your stock.

Fact: Having a competitive beer offer in your restaurant will allow you to stand out from the competition that will surely have only the most commercial beer options.

Do not forget to be very clear about the laws on the sale of alcoholic beverages in your area, so that you can control their consumption in your establishment.